What we do

Live HD-TV

Digital terrestrial channels / IP channels / Catch Up TV / Pause Live TV / Social Enhancements

On-demand (VOD)

Music, Movies and TV shows / Multiple purchase & pricing schemes: Free content, Transactional, Subscription-based / Player Controls – FF, RW, X-Roll advertising

Social features

Proprietary social network / Facebook, Twitter connectivity / Like, share, check-in and post to any network / See what your friends are watching / Get recommendations based on your social community

Home Streaming

Personal media content streaming from multiple devices / DLNA or USB support / Multiple video codecs including MP4, WMV, MKV, DivX and more o Almost any image format: BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG and more

TV apps

Android-based App Market / TV applications and services, 2nd Screen widgets / Turnkey development an monetization environment / Operator managed: Contracts, Downloads, Promotions

2nd Screen Experience

Seamless transition between devices / 2nd Screen content discovery (‘push to TV’) / Mobile device as a virtual remote control

Open Platform for Developers

Develop new services with APIs / Develop Android apps with STB SDK / Efortless integration with 3rd party components like CRM, Transcoding, Billing, Web Services / Extended controls over business processes

What we do

The Vidmind platform turns raw content into engaging viewing experiences to support a full OTT TV and VOD offering.
It’s a single end to end solution, optimized and integrated so that all workflows relating to the service are simple and seamless.
It is elegant; a full high quality service can be launched in 90 days.

The Vidmind Cloud TV solution was made for scale and simple management.
Offered in a pay as you grow model and quick to launch, our platform lets TV service providers focus
on the content and user acquisition rather than on complex technology that is difficult to operate.