How it works

Business Rules

Our End To End tv solution is designed from the ground up to empower you, the new Cloud TV operator. We let you set business rules that determine how contracts and access rights (DRM) are enforced on media assets. We let you manage on what devices each asset can be viewed and in which pricing schemes or packages they may be included.

Content Preparation

Content Preparation is never trivial. Whether it is live or VoD content you are serving, whether it is available via STB or on connected devices, pay-TV or ad-funded, your viewers’ experience depends on the right preparation.

The Blizzard CMS user-friendly interface allows for meticulous yet effortless content preparation. Ingest content in bulk and manage ingestion pipelines. Assign each media asset its Electronic Program Guide (EPG) data, contract and DRM. Manage transcoding centrally, to match different screen resolutions and get it ready to stream flawlessly across devices.

Subscribers Management

The DiamondDust CRM lets your subscribers create new user accounts. It allows you to manage households and subscribers centrally, to provide each subscriber with their own personalized experience. This means different subscribers can share an account (household) and still be presented with content bundles and offers uniquely customized to their preferences.


The value your service provides is much more than content- It is in the way you let subscribers enjoy that content. Whether is Terrestrial & IP streaming, On-demand Movies & Series, TV Applications & Games, Catch-up & PVR or Home Media, the Vidmind platform supports them all. Whenever, whatever and on any screen your subscribers would like to watch, the Vidmind platform is ready to deliver. The Vidmind Live-VOD EPG integration makes viewing experience truly holistic for your subscribers. It allows you to better monetize live content by prompting users to purchase related on-demand content.

Service Enrichment

The Experience Enrichment layer is your secret sauce. It is what turns your solution from just another OTT video service to a smooth and differentiated experience that subscribers are willing to pay for.

Experience Enrichment includes multiple Content Discovery & Recommendation options, such as, Free Search, Related Content, Recommendations Promoted Content and Second Screen content discovery.